They Grow Up So Fast

Capture this moment with a newborn photographer in Lakeville & Bloomington, MN

Newborn photography is the best way to document your child's growth. Once you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital, Chrysalis Imagery can help you celebrate with your child's first photo session. Take photos in the comfort of your own home or bring your baby to our studio in Lakeville, Minnesota.

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Choose your location

Chrysalis Imagery offers two options for your newborn photography session: in-studio and on-site. This means you can choose your location to create a comfortable, custom environment for your photo shoot.

On-site and in-studio photo shoots have their own benefits. Here are a few perks of each:

In-studio newborn photography.

Bring your little one into our studio in Lakeville, Minnesota. We'll build a unique setting with controlled lighting and a calm environment for your baby.

On-site newborn photography.

Your newborn photographer will meet you on location, typically your home. You can choose an environment where you and your baby are comfortable.

Your baby grows more and more each day. With a newborn photography session, you can preserve this moment in their life (and yours) and remember it forever.

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