10 Pro -Tips

  1. Take some time to look at the portfolio page….do the images created by our photographer appeal to you?  If so, wonderful!  If not, please ask us; we may have other photographic styles or photographers available.
  2. Decide if you have a preference for studio shots or something taken at a special location
    1. Session Pricing:
      1. In-Studio $79
      2. On-Location $159
  3. Book by Calling or Booking Online
  4. Remember to book a 15-minute no-cost consultation (if we don’t do this when we book the appointment over the phone) so we can talk about:
    1.  The type of photography session you're looking for
    2.  Understanding if there are special wishes for this session
      1. What are you trying to accomplish?
      2. Who are these pictures for?
      3. How will they be used?
      4. Is there a look or a special image you're trying to re-create?
      5. Are there particular props that are important to incorporate?
  5. Arrive at the time you're scheduled for so that we have plenty of time for your session.  We book an hour which leaves us plenty of time for getting to know each other, taking a variety of pictures, and talking about next steps.
  6. Have fun!  If you're not laughing and relaxed, or at least "present" in whatever moment you're experiencing, your pictures won't have the same result that you see in our portfolios.  Our photographer is looking to capture those moments and expressions that make you, YOU.
  7. Wait impatiently while your photographer edits your pictures….trust us, we're excited to share these with you just as quickly as we possibly can because we're shameless about wanting to hear what you think!
  8. You'll receive an email with a link to your gallery.  This is your gallery:  mark favorites, share it, encourage others to order prints, note any pictures you love but wish looked just a little different…..lots of things are possible with the images you see.
  9. Once you've poured over your gallery, call us (952.856.0080) and we'll work through your order to help you fulfill your needs.  During that consultation, we will collect payment and prepare your order for processing….we have a wide variety of photo products available, so please, tell us what you're wanting and we'll help turn your vision into reality.
  10. Your order will either be shipped directly to you, or available at Chrysalis Imagery for pickup depending on what was decided during the ordering process.  From here, simply fall in love with your finished products!